Just Get Started

Get Started

“The Secret to getting ahead, is getting started.” – Mark Twain. Just get started There are lots and lots of wannabes out there. Wannabe artists, wannabe footballers, wannabe Entrepreneurs, wannabe this and wannabe that. But, in reality, there are only two types of people. People who are that something and people who are not that

Mother’s Day : Everyday

Right from the moment we’re born, and right until the moment we leave, we form lots of relationships. It can be blood based relationships or business based relationships. It can be nationality based relationships or community based relationships. It can be your high school mate, with whom you thought you would never stop talking to. It

Let the Feminine energy blossom in you!

Today, 8th of March, marks the International Women’s day! It’s truly embarrassing and ridiculous that we have to categorize people based on their biological difference. The modern day definition of man and women may be 100% related to the physicality, but naturally, it is not so. Man and Women are not two separate divisions of

Hello world!

Hello, World! I’m Varun Chandrasekhar, the founder of Stranger Arts(2014-2015), a AAA physics-realistic game maker and animation studio, and founder of HeurArc(2013), a real time heuristic analysis engine. I’m a 20 year old developer, Entrepreneur, R&D and AI enthusiast from Chennai, India. I’ve always wanted to write and manage a blog and have an online

My 3rd Semester story!

That was not a long time ago when one of my class mates posted a status on my class’ facebook group that read “We are seniors now!”. That was actually good having finished a quarter of the 4 year long course. The third semester started and many were discussing about the complexity of the subjects. Some