Halfway through! But was it worth it?

Education in its general sense is a form of learning in which the knowledge, skills, and habits of a group of people are transferred from one generation to the next through teaching, training, or research – Wikipedia!

Almost 24 months has gone by! Almost 2 years has gone by! 2 years of college experience. Many people say College experience is a MUST for every human being! And I wonder why they say so? Is it because of the system? Or the amount of time we spend with our mates? Or is it because it might be the last phase of our childhood and teenage lives?

2 years of College experience! I’ve had my balance of good times and bad times. I’ve had my share of birthday blasts. I’ve had my share of ‘Get-out-of-the class’ moments. I’ve had my share of Clearing the semester. I’ve had my share of failing in all the subjects in one semester too :P! I’ve got my share of near-suspensions. I’ve got my share of ‘Standing as a REBEL’ against the system. I’ve got this balanced share of good and bad things or moments.

2 years of college experience! And frankly said, I’ve always loved it. With that being said, I’ve not missed out on the “experience” college brings into our lives! But can I continue this for 2 more years? Can I just push myself to a degree that is not going to help me anyways or can I just push myself to a degree that I don’t care about?  My answer is NO. 2 years in the real world, where I can create new products or invent new things or start my business, is a price I can’t afford to pay for the Bachelor of Engineering Certificate! and It is far better than sitting in the classroom and wondering ‘why the hell should I continue this course?’! It doesn’t mean that I hate college. I love that college experience and the group of people that surround me. But I just can’t afford to lose 2 more years of my life and halt my ‘entrepreneurial dream’. Its just that ‘ Its not worth it’.

So, What would I do without college? You may argue with me that college is the only “medium” of education but I can prove otherwise! I have already found my college alternative. Many people have started to find alternatives for college because they think that college doesn’t provide education and knowledge but instead they provide marks and a certificate! Its exactly the way I think and it is exactly the way it is! When I started college, I started it in the hope of LEARNING things! But when I got there, I noticed that LEARNING is an alien word in the college! So, what did I do? I started to learn things all by myself just like how I learnt things the years before!

I’ve always had that dream of becoming an ‘Entrepreneur’ ever since I was 13. I spend almost 12 hours a day at college (6 A.M to 6 P.M). After reaching home, I have no other things to do but to rest for at least 30 minutes! Doing something creative or creating my own product is not merely possible in a span of 3 hours a day! Building something that takes a large amount of time (say 5 to 7 months if you work on it full-fledged) all alone is not a easy thing! 3 hours a day makes it even worse! I’m in such a situation right now! Deciding whether or not to drop out is one hell of a crossroad to be in. If I’m the only one to decide whether I should drop out or not drop out, I would choose to drop out to allocate more time for my company but the truth is ‘I’m not the only one to decide’.

I remember someone asking me a question and my reply was:
Someone : Are you sure that you don’t want to continue college?
Me: I’m not telling that I don’t want to continue college. But I’m telling that I feel it is irresponsible for me to continue doing something that has no benefits on my future!

The decision is yet to be taken by my parents. I guess this time would be my time!

Exams are over now. Its work time!



Never Give Up!

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  1. kalponicjogot
    June 10, 2014

    wise choice but hard choice to live as in today’s society degree means jobs lawlz.


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