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Hello, World! I’m Varun Chandrasekhar, the founder of Stranger Arts(2014-2015), a AAA physics-realistic game maker and animation studio, and founder of HeurArc(2013), a real time heuristic analysis engine. I’m a 20 year old developer, Entrepreneur, R&D and AI enthusiast from Chennai, India.

I’ve always wanted to write and manage a blog and have an online presence. Well, here it is. My topics of interest vary from Spirituality to Bayesian Networks. I’ll be writing on my experiences, AI, Businesses, Start ups, Spirituality/Zen, Robotics, My takeaways from case studies etc.

Keep an eye on this. You’ll thank me, for sure.

Varun Chandrasekhar.

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I'm a 22 year young Seeker! A Developer-Entrepreneur.

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