Mother’s Day : Everyday

Right from the moment we’re born, and right until the moment we leave, we form lots of relationships. It can be blood based relationships or business based relationships. It can be nationality based relationships or community based relationships. It can be your high school mate, with whom you thought you would never stop talking to. It can be your college gang, whom you believed as friends for life. It can be a co founder with whom you thought you were building a great company or a co artist with whom you thought you’d release a great piece of art. But fundamentally, one relationship with one person tends to have more life than others : Mother.

A mother is always worshiped and celebrated, almost in all the cultures and during all the ages. It is not because life came out of her, or because she went through a lot of pain to deliver you. A mother is not worshiped simply because she gave birth to you. But, she is worshiped because as a mother, she has included you as a part of herself . A mother is not a mother because she carried you. A mother became a mother, because she has devoted herself, for your happiness. She has pushed her happiness and wellness to the back seat and prioritized your wellness and happiness. Even your religious gods won’t do that. That is why she is godly.

It is not that only mothers are godly. If you place others’ wellness and happiness above your own happiness, you are godly, too. Giving birth to another life is not worthy of celebrating because technically, any women who have reproducing capability can give birth. But the willingness to see you as part of herself, is what makes a Mother godly. So, do we need a day to celebrate it? Yes and that has to be everyday.

Varun Chandrasekhar.

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