My 3rd Semester story!

That was not a long time ago when one of my class mates posted a status on my class’ facebook group that read “We are seniors now!”. That was actually good having finished a quarter of the 4 year long course. The third semester started and many were discussing about the complexity of the subjects. Some loved digital principles and system design class. I am not sure whether they liked the subject or the staff. A wannabe programmer in the class liked Data structures and OOPS. To my knowledge, no one liked Analog and digital communication. Maybe it was too dry for them or maybe it was too difficult to mug-up. None cared about M3 at all and everyone loved EVS(Environmental science) because nobody gave a damn about listening the class or maybe the staff handling the subject didn’t care about the students at all. Known the fact that i loved all the subjects in that semester, I got all U grades(Fail) in the university exam. Everyone questioned me ‘why?’ and some others asked ‘You cleared all papers in your 1st and 2nd semester and you failed in all subjects in the 3rd semester. What happened?’. Let me come from the beginning. Everybody knew that i disliked the education system and that I stand as a Rebel. My feel of stupidity for the system grew larger when every staff during the 3rd semester valued students based on their GPAs and internal marks. They mocked at me because I scored low marks during the monthly internal tests and the daily tests. They mocked at me because I stood as a Rebel. They also mocked at me because I cared more about knowledge and less about marks. There are many students, I have seen or shared the same class with, score 80+ marks and know nothing about the subject. I actually fell sorry for them because they have wasted and they have been wasting their time and their dad’s money on mugging-up stuffs and not gaining knowledge. The very purpose of Education is gaining knowledge and not memorizing. Hell, I’ve seen them mug-up stuffs like programs too, stuffs like header files and line separators(comma) too. But the fact that they have got a name as bright student is exhausting. The system they are following leads them to a 25000 per month start-up salary that includes a “safe” life too. Those lives are lives that do not worth living at all. As one of my dudes on facebook who is actually against this system and a start-up entrepreneur said “It is illegal to kill these people. So they live on earth as 2nd rated civilians”. I agree with him. I have attended the 1st and 2nd semester classes. I came to know that very few staffs encourage students to learn things.. I had a feeling that staffs might support LEARNING rather than memorizing during 3rd semester. But after finishing the first working day of the third semester, I felt like “THIS PLACE IS NOT FOR ME”. I concentrated more on my projects than my marks. The moment I heard a staff say, during the first day of the 3rd semester, “Marks are very important for your survival in this competitive world. You score more marks, Get high GPAs, Get better jobs with a start-up salary of 20000-25000 Rupees.” And that was when I lost my patience on the education system they were providing. And that was when I decided that “THIS PLACE WAS NOT MEANT FOR PEOPLE LIKE ME”. I carried on with my projects that I was doing then. I was doing multiple projects at a time. I started working on a FPS game during my 2nd semester using FPS creator engine. But I dropped the idea of developing a game using a engine because that wasn’t worth my time. So i started to learn making game engines and physics engines. Then, I was working on a 2-day project for a Media player in .NET and C# separately that recognizes the user’s taste in music. That went well. I also worked on some 2-hour programs like a image reader, desktop widgets, database management, some virus stuffs too.. Yeah! I did work on some Virus programs too. That doesn’t make me a black hat hacker or a cracker, does it?. A school mate and a fellow soon-to-be engineer doing B.E in electronics proposed an idea to me. I felt it was actually a good idea. The idea was to design and code a hidden camera functioning, toy shaped copter. Although we both knew that the idea already existed and was implemented by the US military an year ago, we both agreed to do it. Things didn’t work out very well between us because we rarely met each other. So, the project was left alone in the extreme end of our minds, only with the digital design ready. I learnt many new stuffs during that time. After that, came the semesters and i was still concentrating on what I wanted to do. But, somewhere deep in my heart, a voice said, “Go study for your semesters. At least for your parents.” I did study.  Staffs warned me about my steady low academic record, I warned them about their steady low quality of education. The holidays arrived and i bid goodbye to my fellow class-mates, switched off my cell phone, switched on my computer, learnt and enjoyed implementing those stuffs.  And the result was, 3rd semester washout(FAIL).

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  1. Sriram Sridhar
    May 24, 2014

    Even if you stood as a rebel, All they CAN and WAS Able to do to you was Just “CALLING YOUR PARENTS”. That’s the least most cheapest thing they do.
    Either way, Gaining Something is Far Better dhan Mugging-Up Nothing.
    Congratulations, Engineer 😀
    Do learn More.
    Enjoy your 4th SEM 😛

    1. vamsi varun
      May 24, 2014

      All they could do was only THAT. and why would you congratulate me da??


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